Sony D600 Betacam

If it is desired to acquire in 16:9 format for archive (future) use, but to change the 16:9 acquisition to 4:3 format after recording for current distribution, the BVW-D600WS (i.e Betacam SP recording format is not recommended). The DVW-700WS is recommended for all high-end production applications where it is desired to acquire in 16:9 but distribute in 4:3.

Records to Beta-SP Tape.

16:9/4:3 switchable.

Genlock in.

Time Code in.

Video Out BNC (Does NOT output playback).

DCC (Dynamic Contrast Control) circuits allow a wide dynamic range, up to 6 times normal brightness.

2-Line Image Enhancer is built in.

Shading Compensation circuits kick in when the lens extender is used, compensating for the change in optics. This makes for the best quality pictures I’ve seen coming through an extender.

R/G Mixing Detail circuit gives improved color resolution.

2-Level Zebra Pattern with on/off selector. This produces a set of STRIPES at 70%, and DIAMONDS at 100%. This is a great help in difficult exposure situations, and of course, the levels are customizable through the setup menus. Or, you can use a single set of Zebras if you prefer.



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