Author: SolveMySubrental

How to Use [Explainer video]

Welcome to is an exclusive, invitation-only password-protected website that makes sub renting equipment easy.

In the past, finding gear to sub rent meant emailing and calling around. This is just not efficient. takes a snapshot of our inventory and tells you in seconds if the gear you need is available at Moving Picture Rental.

Name Your Price is a unique feature of This ensures that everyone makes money.

Some of our gear is required back by a certain date.  If it is, you will see the return date needed on the item’s product page.  You will receive further discounts if you promise to have the gear back to us by this date, since we’ve booked that gear on a future rental.

You can interact with us 24/7 using the following methods: Live Chat, Email, Phone, and Text. Enter your order online or on your phone and we will verify the details of your sub rental 24/7 within 1 hour.

Other benefits of membership include Fraud & Loss Prevention training. This training webinar will educate your team on the prevention of fraud and theft and is taught by David Wells.  Membership also includes access to the bad guy database.

To gain access to simply send an email to, and we will issue a username and password. The easy and efficient way to sub rent!